Business CatScan


Developed By 

James L. Silvester, Ph.D.



The most comprehensive management audit and review system available designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses. 

Addresses 25 key functional areas of business operation with over 420 questions. 

Identifies problem areas and indicates ramifications of inaction 

Recommends solutions to problem areas 
Designed as a fully interactive and user-friendly diagnostic tool and study to "assist" the entrepreneur/owner/decision maker in making correct management choices that will enhance internal efficiencies and contribute to the sales and the "bottom line". 

From organizational structure to marketing to cash management to inventory control...the BUSINESS CATSCANtm © can help you become a more effective manager and in the process enhance the profitability or your business.

The BUSINESS CATSCANtm © is a horizontal and vertical x-ray of the entire business observing and reviewing 25 key functional areas of internal operation.

Does the company welcome rapid change that may be necessary to maintain markets and grow? 

Do employees have job descriptions and understand how they relate to overall company goals? 

Do customers have a good image of the firm? 

Will the company continue to compete in the new economy that is emerging? 

Is the company exploiting international markets? 

The above topics addressed, and many more, will Impact upon your company in the coming years. Those companies that can successfully meet the challenges posed by these questions will survive and prosper.

What makes the BUSINESS CATSCANtm © so valuable is that it Identifies problem areas and indicates the negative consequences of inaction. It goes on and recommends solutions for any problems that may be discovered.

Since sound decisions, motivation, and productivity are mandatory components of any business in today's highly competitive marketplace, the BUSINESS CATSCAN was developed as a fail-safe system to pinpoint trouble spots and weak links in the business structure.

Functional Areas Of Business Operations Examined


      Strategic Planning 

      Organizational Structure 

      Human Resources Management 

      Financial Health 

      Systems And Procedures 

      Production And Operations 

      Accounting Systems 

      Accounts Receivable and Credit 

  Budgeting And Expense 

  Control Cash Management 

  Taxes And Legal Obligations 

  Risk And Insurance 


  Marketing And Sales Promotion  

  Planning And Controlling Projects  

  Work And Time Standards  

  Research And Development  

  Results From Your Sales Force  



  Planning For Growth 

  Outside Consultants And Resources  

Plant And Equipment 

  Inventory Management 


Waste Department

Loss Corporation, a company lost within itself drifting aimlessly while wasting valuable resources and losing YOUR money.

Management Waste:

 Loss of Focus 

         Loss Of Capital And Investment 

         Inability or unwillingness to act 

         Failure to take responsibility 

         Improper use of abilities and talents 

         Misuse of existing and new technologies 

 General Administrative Waste:

 Loss Of Profits

         Inefficient Use Of Existing Assets 

         Lack Of Clear Lines Of Authority 

         No Internal Financial Controls 

 Marketing Waste

 Loss Of Sales

         Ignore Qualified prospects 

         Too Many Promises 

         Wrong Sales Tactics 

         Calls On Wrong Accounts 

         Lack Of Proper Automation 

         No Attention To Customer Base 

        Good Prospects Not Closed 

        Too Many Returns 

         Incorrect Credit Decisions 

         Poor Advertising Layout And Design 

 Production Waste:

 Labor, Plant, And Material Loss

        Unused Equipment -Excess Inventory 

        Poor Materials 

        Lack Of Training 

        Inadequate Supervision 

        Manufacturing Overruns 

        Obsolete Equipment 

        Bad Floor Layout 

        Underutilized Employees 

        Lack Of Automation 

        Poor Work Flow 

        Undue Absenteeism And Tardiness 

        Lack Of Appropriate Quality Controls 

        No Wage Incentives 

 Purchasing Waste:

 Reduced Margins

        Poor Bidding And Specifications 

        Lack Of Computer Automation 

        No Inspection Procedures 

        Lack Of Proper Storage 

        Poor Handling Procedures 

        Undue Freight Charges 

Dr. James L. Silvester is president of Dominion Business Resources, a management and financial consulting firm. Previously, Dr. Silvester was president of Business Advisory Systems, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in the development of managerial software systems and consulting services directed to entrepreneurial markets. He also served as vice president of two mortgage companies. Dr. Silvester held a full time position on the faculty of the Harry F. Byrd School of Business located on the campus of Shenandoah University where he instructed courses in entrepreneurship and was also active as an independent management consultant to small and medium sized firms. He holds four earned university degrees from accredited institutions and maintains a membership in the National Honor Society in Business Administration (Delta Mu Delta) and the National Education Society (Phi Delta Kappa). Dr. Silvester has written two best selling books, HOW TO START, FINANCE, AND OPERATE YOUR OWN BUSINESS and SECRETS OF SUCCESS IN YOUR OWN BUSINESS, with forewords contributed by United States Senator Paul S. Treble. The books, published by Carol Communications of New York City, have been critically acclaimed by the LADIES HOME JOURNAL, ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE, BOSTON HERALD, and the RICHMOND TIMES DISPATCH. The works have also been mentioned in FORBES MAGAZINE and VENTURE MAGAZINE as well as other media throughout the western hemisphere. Over 500,000 books have sold. His third book, entitled, 401 QUESTIONS EVERY ENTREPRENEUR SHOULD ASK, published by Career Press of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, has a foreword contributed by United States Senator and Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate. Tim Kaine. His fourth book entitled, 151 QUICK IDEAS FOR START-UP ENTREPRENEURS, also published by Career Press. Dr. Silvester is also a popular seminar speaker. The Senate of the State of Maryland passed a resolution honoring his economic development contribution to Western Maryland. 

The Development Of The Modern Catscan Used In The Medical Field Has Saved Millions Of Lives. Since Its Development In 1988, The Business Catscan Has Assisted Many Businesses To Grow And Prosper Through Its Comprehensive Evaluation Protocol And Yes Saved A Few Businesses Along The Way. Every Business Needs An Occasional "Check-Up" To Ensure Efficient Operations And Maximized Profits. The Business Catscan Has Been Used By CPA's To Supplement Their Reporting Numbers, By Hedges Funds To Review A Prospect Before Investing, And Employed By New And Operating Business And Management Consultants As A Start-Up Tool Or To Supplement Their Current Services.
Who Can Use:
New Business Consultants
Existing Business Consultants
Business Owners